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Freestyle Swimming Drill Deck for Triathletes


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Form Correcting Drills + Interval Lap Swimming = Enormous Results

Want to know a secret?

Swimming effectively & efficiently is not something special reserved for collegiate swimmers or elite triathletes who have a team of coaches.

Anyone can do it.

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You don't even have to increase swim volume.

Swimming lap after lap with no structure or form correction, no matter how long the swim is, is like taking water out of the shallow end of the pool …

and pouring it back into the deep end. 

You'll have done a bit of work, but the results won't be very noticeable.

It’s far easier to get faster by fixing what is broken in your form and improving your aerobic power.

Build better swim form and get faster by default.

Drill Deck features an epic drill library tailored to triathlon-friendly freestyle swimming. You’ll have the tools at your fingertips to create the best swim form possible.

But drills won't fix everything.

There is one more key element to getting faster.

Build strength and endurance with interval training.

Interval training is short, high-intensity exercise periods, alternated with periods of rest, repeated several times to form a workout. 

Drill Deck features a unique mechanic for creating a variety of interval lap sets. Custom made dice decide each sets activity and volume, for a new challenge every roll.

Get your swim training out of a rut and start to see results.

Challenge yourself with endless variety.

You could hire an expensive coach, attend inconvenient classes and clinics, or ...

Purchase Drill Deck on Amazon

Try Drill Deck

This convenient, waterproof, and fun training tool for swimmers and triathletes features over 30 proven freestyle swim drills. Improve speed, stroke, kicking, open water sighting, body position, and breathing by training new muscle behaviors. Paired with the dice to create endless variation of interval lap sets, you will soon be unstoppable. 

It’s as simple as 1,2,3 …

  1. Roll the Activity Die
  2. Draw Drill Card, if Applicable
  3. Roll Lap Die

The dice decide whether you will tackle a lap set or a drill set. For drills, a random card draw will challenge you to improve various aspects of your form. The numerical die determines how long your set will be. Every workout is different, every time.

While the dice and cards determine each set you swim, you control how far and how long every workout is. The good news is, this unique set-building technique means no two swim workouts will ever be the same again.

Included: 31 PVC Plastic Playing Cards with Detailed Drill Instructions & Tips, (2) 25mm Custom Dice, 1 Polyester Storage Bag. The whole thing fits easily in your pocket and weighs just a few ounces.

Throw Drill Deck in your swim bag and you’ll never be bored doing laps again. Even if you’ve never had to talk yourself into driving to the pool, you’ll appreciate having a library of drills always at your disposal.


Purchase Drill Deck on Amazon