Tri/Life Balance


When it's about more than the finish line, you win everyday.

I’m not an expert.

Not really.

I have some experience though.

And I am passionate.

About a lot of things.

This means that I can’t be 100% at everything I do all the time.

Because I do so many things and have varied interests.

I like to think I’m well rounded.

The Tri/Life Balance Movement is about loving yourself in spite of sometimes letting yourself down.

It’s about being imperfect.

It’s about having fun along the way.

Be a regular person and embrace your imperfections.

Stop freaking out about data and gear and podiums.

I mean, if that is you - it's cool.

You do you.

But also, this isn’t for you.

You can go away. No hard feelings.

This is for people who want to do it all and laugh along the way.

You can keep doing triathlon without it taking over your life.

There is a happy medium.

No, really.

Stop arguing.

Look, I get it.


Goals are my drug of choice too.

But also, I like having a healthy love life.

I like excelling at being a friend.

Traveling is fun and so is food.

Beer is also a thing.

I could keep going.

Because I love lists.

See, lots of interests.


I learned in recent years that sometimes, people have to come before goals.

Hard lesson, I know.

Everything here is an idea or a tool for how to live a healthy, happy, productive life and still call yourself an endurance athlete.

If that sounds helpful, then there is probably something here for you.

Thank you for being you and stopping by.

Looking for a place to start?

Check out our flagship product. It's a swim training tool that's also a game and it's a great way to start letting go.