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100 Swim Workouts? How About Unlimited Swim Workout Ideas (Drills Included!)

It's all well and good to have a huge catalog of 100 swim workouts or more - in theory. The trouble is that unless your pool workouts are easy to follow and with you at the pool, they are useless. 

In fact, what good are a bunch of complicated instructions and vague drill names that you can't remember how to execute?

When you are trying to stay fit and improve your freestyle form you need at least two ingredients: 

100 Swimming Workouts Is Actually A Good Start

You may seek the variety of 100 swimming workouts that are all different and fresh, but what you need more than anything is to just swim 100 workouts!

I'm talking about volume.

Get in the pool as often as possible! Most casual swimmers or triathletes who are trying to get faster or more efficient in the pool under-train. They just aren't getting enough practice to make these complicated, coordinated movements smooth and effective.

Perfecting Your Swimming Workout Routine

If you end up falling back on the same old drills and the same old workout routines, all that volume is not going to be enough. You'll get stuck! The perfect swimming workout is one that challenges your swimming form and speed, without over correcting and causing injury.

Drills are fantastic but are often used incorrectly.

This is a classic case when you do too many of the same swim drill. The body creates a muscle memory that over compensates for your swim form weakness and ...


Not only are you not increasing your speed but now you are injured. Sidelined long enough to lose any ground you gained. 

Experienced swimmers know that high volume and high variety are the key to swimming faster. Better workouts mean you can lose more weight, build more muscle, and reach your goals faster. 

So How Do You Keep More Than 100 Swim Workouts in Your Repertoire?

Swim variety is important, as we have established. So what are the best and most convenient ways to keep that variety at your fingertips? 

Here are some common services and products:

Masters Swim

If group workouts are your thing, Masters Swim classes can be a fantastic tool. These coached workouts are like swim team for adults. The fees and structure of the classes vary by area, so start with a Google search. 

In some places, it's free with a YMCA membership while in others you can expect to pay over $100 per month for access. Of course, the classes have to fit your schedule. Most Masters classes have a variety of class times available in the mornings, afternoon, and evening hours. 

The coaches are usually collegiate-level swimmers themselves and, in fact, you can expect a lot of ex-competitive swimmers to be a part of this group. They are usually very welcoming though and the coach can tailor the workout to your level. 

Private Swim Coach

For those who are really looking to improve, consider at least a few sessions with a private coach. They can be pricey (as you'd expect) but think of it like any other fitness trainer. You can have a long-term relationship with them or just hire them to teach you some basics until you feel like you've gotten the hang of it. 

Some coaches will offer a hybrid approach. This might look like doing a few private lessons, a stroke analysis (to know what your weaknesses are), and then can build a custom training program for you. The training program is usually completed more or less independently, with a few coached sessions thrown in the mix. 

If a private coach is in your budget, you'll likely get the most gain from this approach. However, for the casual swimmer who just wants to get fit, it might be overkill. 

 Pool-Side Swim Workout Book

It seems like bringing a book to the poolside is an objectively terrible idea. But, what if I told you they made waterproof paper?!

Boom. Mind-blown. 

That not only justifies the slightly-high cost of our favorite option, but makes it endlessly practical - the ultimate value. Workouts in a Binder for Swimmers, Triathletes, and Coaches is available on Amazon and is a fantastic starting point. If you are looking for high caliber, quality swim workouts without human interaction, this binder is a great pool-side tool. 

There are other options out there for pool workouts, but this is by far our favorite. It's well-written, informative, and actionable. Exactly what you want in a swimming workout tool. 

Game-ify Your Swim Workout

For those who get bored easily or don't like making decisions, there is one final product that we will mention. Drill Deck Training Game for Freestyle Swimming & Triathlon is a unique pool training tool. It puts over 30 drills at your fingertips, with instructions and helpful tips to ensure correct form. In addition, it has a unique game-like dice throwing mechanic to mix up your workout. 

Think of it as cross-fit for a swim workout.  

There is definitely nothing else like this handy, pocket-sized product on the market. Again, you might be thinking that dice and cards by the pool - what if they get wet? Well, the creators have thought of that and have compensated with PVC (read: waterproof) playing cards and over-sized pool-safe dice. 

The thing we love about Drill Deck is that it is way more than 100 swim workouts. Instead, it is literally endless variety. Every. Single. Workout. Will. Be. Different. For the easily bored, this pool training tool is a must for the swim bag. 

Swimming can be an incredibly rewarding workout. It is easy on the body (well, except the skin and hair maybe) and burns a ton of calories. But improvement in form and speed can be slow to come, which often leads to frustration. 

Don't quit!

You can be a great swimmer and continue to have fun while getting fit - just stick with it. Getting the right tools and support can keep your swim workouts fresh and exciting, giving you the motivation you need to succeed. 

Now get busy ... those 100 swim workouts won't swim themselves!